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Sonya Shannon Mystic Portal™ POSTERS

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About the Mystic Portal™ Poster Collection

Product Specifications

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About Mystic Portal™ Posters

The Collection

The Mystic Portal™ poster collection offers the best of Sonya Shannon’s artwork to grace your home, office, or community gathering place. Each poster is designed to provide “portals” to inspiring, empowering, and mystical experiences. Themes include creativity, prayer & meditation, women’s circles, freedom from bondage, goddesses, Native culture, and dreams.


Burning Down the House dance, women’s circles, fire

Celestial River art, creativity, inspiration

Dream Journal dreams, intuition, water, rainbows

Flow prairie, mountain, ocean, yoga, waves

Infinite Bliss ecstasy, stars, galaxy, divine bliss

Liberation freedom, empowerment, Pluto, stars

Patchwork Earth crocheting, knitting, handiwork, Earth

Prayer Therapy prayer, The Divine, Higher Power

The Adolescence of Artemis goddess, initiation

The Narrow Gate angel, baggage, ascention

Walking Coyote Native American, petroglyphs

Product Specifications

Mystic Portal™ posters ship in a tube. The horizontal posters are 20″ x 14″ and the vertical posters are 14″ x 20.” All posters are printed on 100# Endurance Gloss paper on an ultra high-resolution Xerox® iGen™ 150 Press. They come standard (ready to frame!) or laminated. Each poster comes with a printed insert of “The Story Behind the Art,” so you can enjoy the artwork’s meaning for years to come.


The standard poster is ready to frame, laminate, mount on foam core or other material, or pin directly to your wall.


The laminated poster is protected on both sides with a durable 5 mil SuperStick® laminate film. Lamination improves the clarity and resilience of the print and makes the poster easy to mount on the wall.


Please allow 7 days for the laminated poster to ship out. To flatten the laminated poster before hanging, simply roll it in the opposite direction once or twice.

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