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Dream Journal – POSTER

Dream Journal

Bring Your Dream Life Into Focus

Dream Journal20" x 14" Poster


This shimmering, mystical painting of a sleepy young woman will remind you to jot down what you recall from your dreams. Flowy rainbows, secret codes, and a hazy veil between realities brings the dream state to mind when you gaze at this image. Keep this poster near your bed, or use the laminated poster in your bathroom as a memory-jog for dream journaling.


Makes the perfect gift for the dreamer on your list.

Ships in a Golden Tube!
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Praise for “Dream Journal”

Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
Dream Journal - Very nice artwork, well done!


The Story Behind the Art

The sun is up, the dream already fades into the subconscious. Ancient symbols whisper their secret language, waiting to be decoded. The dreamer writes it down before the dream melts away. What does it mean? All day the dream affects her, haunts her with a hidden truth just out of conscious reach.


Our intuition is a direct channel to our higher Self. Our hunches guide us toward our Destiny—what the Universe has in store for us. That small, inner voice we barely notice warns us to avoid shady characters and bad ideas, but also nudges us toward whom we can trust and what will be helpful for us. Our intuitions are correct so often, it’s a wonder we don’t listen always!

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Product Specifications

This 20” x 14” poster is printed on 100# Endurance Gloss paper on an ultra high-resolution Xerox® iGen™ 150 Press. The poster ships in a golden tube with a print-out of The Story Behind The Art.


The standard poster is ready to frame, laminate, mount on foam core or other material, or pin directly to your wall.


The laminated poster is protected on both sides with a durable 5 mil SuperStick® laminate film. Lamination improves the clarity and resilience of the print and makes the poster easy to mount on the wall.


Please allow 7 days for the laminated poster to ship out. To flatten the laminated poster before hanging, simply roll it in the opposite direction once or twice.

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