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Liberation – POSTER


Break Free from Your Limitations

Liberation20" x 14" Poster


Let the stars and planets align to help you break the bondage of old habits with this painting of a beautiful man reaching for his dream. Colorful beams from a distant star energize the man’s effort and snap the old chains that held him back from his goal. This powerful vision of hope, strength, and liberation is great in your home gym, rec room, or family room.

Ships in a Golden Tube!
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Praise for “Liberation” (“What’s a Heaven For?”)

Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
What's a Heaven For? - What a great image!


The Story Behind the Art

We can only stay limited for so long. At some point, we break out to a new level of freedom and scope. Our horizons open, restrictions fall away, and we are suddenly light with liberation. It doesn’t happen by magic. We have to do our part. Without effort, we remain trapped in a prison of limitations. We must make important changes, reach for something better, and trust it can be ours.


Limited circumstances are like a prison that holds you back from manifesting what you know is possible. Affirm to yourself, “I am strong and successful. The Universe is bountiful. All that I need flows to me easily now, from all directions.” Then catch your next round of negative self-talk, and replace it with affirmations. Don’t let doubt win. Fight back and break out to freedom.

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Product Specifications

This 20” x 14” poster is printed on 100# Endurance Gloss paper on an ultra high-resolution Xerox® iGen™ 150 Press. The poster ships in a golden tube with a print-out of The Story Behind The Art.


The standard poster is ready to frame, laminate, mount on foam core or other material, or pin directly to your wall.


The laminated poster is protected on both sides with a durable 5 mil SuperStick® laminate film. Lamination improves the clarity and resilience of the print and makes the poster easy to mount on the wall.


Please allow 7 days for the laminated poster to ship out. To flatten the laminated poster before hanging, simply roll it in the opposite direction once or twice.

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