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The Adolescence of Artemis – POSTER

The Adolescence of Artemis

Empower Your Inner “Goddess”

The Adolescence Of Artemis20" x 14" Poster


Feel your strength and find your inner Divinity with this inspiring triptych of Artemis paintings. Part the veils of feminine mystery, wield the powers of your moon cycle, and rise to your full potential when you behold this poster. Perfect for goddesses of all ages, from teens to wise women!

Ships in a Golden Tube!
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Praise for “Artemis”

Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
Artemis Parting the Veil - Love this girl, love the moon phases. The moon phases have a lot of meaning to me.


The Story Behind the Art

This triptych explores the coming of age of the goddess Artemis.


“Artemis Parting the Veil” – The adolescent goddess Artemis peers into the secret workings of the Universe as she comes of age.
“The Goddess Artemis Comes of Age” – The young goddess wields her nascent powers, commanding the crescent moon for the first time.
“The Divine Rite of Artemis” – A teenaged Artemis crosses the threshold to powers of hunting and fertility as a fledgling Goddess.


Release yesterday, and embrace your new power as you finish one of Life’s chapters—and start the next.

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Product Specifications

This 20” x 14” poster is printed on 100# Endurance Gloss paper on an ultra high-resolution Xerox® iGen™ 150 Press. The poster ships in a golden tube with a print-out of The Story Behind The Art.


The standard poster is ready to frame, laminate, mount on foam core or other material, or pin directly to your wall.


The laminated poster is protected on both sides with a durable 5 mil SuperStick® laminate film. Lamination improves the clarity and resilience of the print and makes the poster easy to mount on the wall.


Please allow 7 days for the laminated poster to ship out. To flatten the laminated poster before hanging, simply roll it in the opposite direction once or twice.

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