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Who Looks Inside Awakes – POSTER

Who Looks Inside Awakes

Look in the Metaphysical Mirror

Who Looks Inside Awakes20" x 14" Poster


We are all connected to the universe at every moment. This artwork helps us open to the divine gifts that come through the hardest of times.


A great gift for special people in your life who want to reconnect with and deepen their spirituality.

Ships in a Golden Tube!
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Praise for “Who Looks Inside Awakes”

Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
Who Looks Inside Awakes - Wonderful digital artwork! Love your description, too!


The Story Behind the Art

A beautiful woman looks at herself in the mirror. She fights a battle that can destroy herself and her family. She has already lost many things, even parts of her own life. She faces the truth of her human nature with courage and clarity. Her heart connects to eternity, the infinite unfolding splendor of the cosmos. Knowing this connection to be true and permanent, she is clear about what she needs to do.


Look in the metaphysical mirror. Take a true look at you. Come out of denial about what is really going on inside. Become whole within yourself. Take in all the parts—even those that are not pretty. Carl Jung said, “There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.” It takes immense courage and humility to say, “I am willing to own my part in this situation. I am a human being with failings, shortcomings, and a limited amount of time in this world.”


No matter where you came from, what you have or have not done, and what is really going on in your heart, it is time to face up to it and own it. We are all children of the same Universe. We all have access to grace, forgiveness, and hope if we dare to face the truth.

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Product Specifications

This 20” x 14” poster is printed on 100# Endurance Gloss paper on an ultra high-resolution Xerox® iGen™ 150 Press. The poster ships in a golden tube with a print-out of The Story Behind The Art.


The standard poster is ready to frame, laminate, mount on foam core or other material, or pin directly to your wall.


The laminated poster is protected on both sides with a durable 5 mil SuperStick® laminate film. Lamination improves the clarity and resilience of the print and makes the poster easy to mount on the wall.


Please allow 7 days for the laminated poster to ship out. To flatten the laminated poster before hanging, simply roll it in the opposite direction once or twice.

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