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“Above The Jealous Mouths” Print

Above The Jealous Mouths Print
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Be Positive Regardless of Your Situation

Keep a healthy positive attitude, no matter how others think and act with this painting of a man on a crystal mountaintop.

The warrior straddles an amethyst cliff above a ruined battleground. Amethyst wards off psychic disturbance, brings peace and helps us transmute negative thoughts into healthy ones. Rainbows in crystals bring positivity, elevate our mood, and bring the victory of happiness.

When you face a challenge, do your best to rise above the negativity and hold your head high. Battles with others abound, and you are certain to lose your share. Don’t settle for inner weakness by getting negative and discouraged. Instead, look for the positive. Despite losing some battles, you’ll still scale life’s mountain. Let yourself know inside that you are worthy, and enough. The rise to the heights and fly!

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