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“And The Stars Look Very Different” Print

And The Stars Look Very Different Today Print
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Rekindle Your Sense of Amazement

Say “No!” to complacency and “Yes!” to enthusiasm with this painting of a mother and baby in cosmic awe.

The baby wobbles and ‘stands’ with his mother’s help. He is utterly pure, with only the slightest knowledge of the world. He feels hunger, gurgles and cries, and falls asleep. All the rest of life is a wonder to him. As the baby explores, a record is made: the start of what will become recognition and memory. For today, there is only the Present.

Once we attain high spiritual consciousness, a kind of “mature innocence” returns. The world feels indivisible and whole. We flow harmoniously with the universal rhythms and experience loving goodness and Oneness. All things in the world look very different, and we see as though for the very first time.

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