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“Rejoice!” Soul Sign

Rejoice Soul Sign
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11″ x 8.5″

Comes with or without text.


Immerse Yourself in Divine Beauty & Heal Your Self-Esteem

This painting of a radiant, blissful woman at the center of a galaxy will encourage you to remember your divine birthright! Hang this artwork in the room closest to your heart, to remind you that glorious, uplifting bliss is YOURS each day.

A woman wears a dress of stars as she weds her Destiny. Imagine wearing a dress made of stars, whose fabric is the cosmos! To be clothed in the splendor of Creation is to be in a state of bliss that swirls and spirals outward to Infinity. This is the Grace of the Universe, which lifts us up when we can’t walk any further. Like a celestial Cinderella, you can wear an attitude as beautiful as a cosmic dress, knowing that you are a child of this Universe— and as precious as a star in the heavens.

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