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“Artemis Parting The Veil” Print

Artemis Parting The Veil Print
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Gain Mystical Knowledge the Universe Opens to You Now

Deepen your understanding of life’s secret functioning with this painting of a young Artemis breaking through Maya (the veil of illusion) to see what’s truly going on underneath.

The adolescent goddess Artemis parts the veil to peer at the inner workings of the universe. A crown of Moon phases encircles her head. The full Moon, ruler of fertility, reveals her secrets to the fledgling goddess.

Life is a series of phases with occasionally abrupt transitions. Like a giant staircase, we spend a long time in each stage before emerging onto the next. Our bodies go through phases of growth, fertility, and maturity. Similarly, our spiritual awareness evolves in planes of understanding and awakenings. Assimilation and integration slowly build until, unexpectedly, one day we find we’ve arrived at a new level. Great powers are at our command as we learn the secret workings of the cosmos.

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