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“As Sure As The Wind” Print

As Sure As The Wind Print
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Enjoy Yourself & See What Life Brings

Unwind and let yourself “catch” what the Universe brings your way! Life can be easy – you don’t always have to work hard.

The fisherman squats at water’s edge. He has cast his line and now waits. In the mystical realm below consciousness, two mermaids pull in opposite directions at his dream. One mermaid represents his past defeats and frustrations. The other mermaid represents his future hopes for fulfillment. They play tug-ofwar with the fisherman. Will he keep his dream on the line?

If you’ve had to put a special project “on the back burner,” maybe it’s time to resurrect it. Without the hobbies, pursuits, and friendships that inspire us with passion, we remain spiritually empty and unfulfilled. Delve into what you’ve always dreamed of doing, and let it live again!

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