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[insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertOrnamentButton(""Celestial River Angel" Ornament", "OR-CR-O"); [/insert_php] "Celestial River Angel" When we create, we let Divine inspiration flow through us—and forget about the mess. Let your creativity flow in huge colorful waves that reach others! [insert_php] insertOrnamentSpecs(); [/insert_php]

Frost Faerie Angel Christmas Ornament

[insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertOrnamentButton(""Frost Faerie" Holiday Ornament", "OR-FF-O"); [/insert_php] "Frost Faerie" How does frost make such amazing patterns on windows? While we sleep, the Frost Faerie plays all night with her magic paintbrush! [insert_php] insertOrnamentSpecs(); [/insert_php]

[insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertOrnamentButton(""Infinite Bliss Angel" Ornament", "OR-IB-R"); [/insert_php] "Infinite Bliss Angel" Imagine wearing a dress made of stars! In each moment, the Grace of the Universe clothes us in splendor. Today, remember you are a precious star. [insert_php] insertOrnamentSpecs(); [/insert_php]

Let It Go Ornament

[insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertOrnamentButton(""Let It Go" Ornament", "OR-LG-O"); [/insert_php] "Let It Go" Drop all your “baggage" and trust the Universe to take over. Sublime lightness of being is your birthright, so rise up and feel your freedom! [insert_php] insertOrnamentSpecs(); [/insert_php]

Prayer Therapy Ornament

[insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertOrnamentButton(""Prayer Therapy" Ornament", "OR-PT-O"); [/insert_php] "Prayer Therapy" In prayer, our hearts radiate light and loving energy to God and others. A pure and prayerful heart brings answers beyond our wildest imagining! [insert_php] insertOrnamentSpecs(); [/insert_php]

Rose Quartz Angel Ornament

[insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertOrnamentButton(""Rose Quartz Angel" Ornament", "OR-RQ-O"); [/insert_php] "Rose Quartz Angel" The truest love is unconditional, gentle, forgiving and eternal. The Rose Quartz Angel gives you the love you seek & helps you love others equally. [insert_php] insertOrnamentSpecs(); [/insert_php]

Tigereye Angel Ornament

[insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertOrnamentButton(""Tigereye Angel" Ornament", "OR-TE-O"); [/insert_php] "Tigereye Angel" The tiger’s steady gaze shows his power and fearlessness. The Tigereye Crystal Angel gives you courage, confidence, and strength of will. [insert_php] insertOrnamentSpecs(); [/insert_php]

Workshop Santa Christmas Ornament

[insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertOrnamentButton(""Workshop Santa" Christmas Ornament", "OR-WS-O"); [/insert_php] "Workshop Santa" Santa puts the final touches on toy sailboats. With his twinkling smile and clever hands, Santa infuses love and joy into each gift he makes. [insert_php] insertOrnamentSpecs(); [/insert_php]