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“Dance!” Soul Sign

Dance Soul Sign
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11″ x 8.5″

Comes with or without text.


Dance to Transform by Fire

Inspire yourself with this painting of a sprite’s fiery dance over ancient ruins. The fire circle’s power destroys the old and creates the new. This artwork ignites a passion for making changes—and energizes you into action!

A sprite playfully tosses fire into the sky as she skips over ruins. Though her task involves “heavy lifting” to clear out the rubble, she enjoys herself and has fun. Fiery Mars, ruler of war and destruction, looks on from the sky.

Before planting a new crop, farmers burn their fields to clear weeds and residue and prepare for new growth. Similarly, before we build something new, we must destroy what’s deteriorated. Renovation depends on clearing out the wreckage. First we take stock to see what, if anything, is worth saving. Then we demolish and throw out the junk. The process of dismantling and rearranging can exhaust us… unless we bring a playful humor to it!

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