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“Forgive” Soul Sign

Forgive Soul Sign
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8.5″ x 11″

Comes with or without text.


Embrace Beauty and Purity In Your Life

Glorify your favorite room or your office with this radiant image of a peacock touching a woman with its tail. Heal your life and Planet Earth by remembering to purify darkness into light within your own heart.

A woman embraces earth with compassion and nurturance. The peacock eats a venomous snake— and teaches us a lesson in purification. The peacock’s spectacular color comes from what it eats, including toxic insects, frogs, snakes, and plants. The peacock converts these poisons into bright, vivid plumage. Like the peacock, we need to transmute old harms and poisonous, obsessive thoughts into nourishment for our soul’s growth.

It is only through compassion, conscious awareness, and doing inner work on our own dark tendencies that we can salvage the beauty from our most difficult life experiences.

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