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“Recover” Soul Sign

Recover Soul Sign
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8.5″ x 11″

Comes with or without text.


Put Your Life Back Together & Start Again

Follow the way to healing with this painting of rejuvenation after a difficult time. Place this painting where you will see it often, in a hall, bathroom, or beside your bed to encourage you daily.

A beautiful woman rakes away old leaves and finds herself reawakening after a long, dormant stretch. Sparks of new life are in the air, and already the fields are green. Roots of the old tree sink deep into the earth, keeping it alive through ice and snow. Like the tree, we too have roots in our family ancestry, in our spiritual beliefs, and in our true calling in life. Like sheltering arms, these roots hold us together after things have fallen apart, until we’re ready to rejuvenate. The rainbow hues and magic stars indicate that many new things are possible now!

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