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“Restore” Soul Sign

Restore Soul Sign
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8.5″ x 11″

Comes with or without text.


Celebrate the Metaphysical Wonders of Life

Let your mind embrace the mystic wonders of the world with this engaging painting of Mother Earth stitching fields together. A patchwork landscape, made of cosmic balls of fire, water, air and earth stimulates your imagination and inspires creativity. Hang this artwork where you do YOUR artful handiwork! A great gift for craft lovers, hobbyists, and mystics alike.

Gaia—”Mother Earth”—crochets our planet’s rich resources from the four elements fire, air, earth and water. A woman rests on a patch, knowing she is cared for by the plentiful fields. The fragile atmosphere soothes her skin and lungs and gives life. She lets go of all anger and pain. Make a patchwork quilt from the scraps and remnants of your past. Unravel your “failures” and use them to build a new foundation. The Universe recycles and so must we. Dwelling on the past is “emotional hoarding.” Salvage what is useful from the wreckage, clean house and return to the Present. Each precious piece of your life has indestructible meaning and worthiness!

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