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Canvas Mantras

Sonya Shannon Burning Down the House Canvas Wrap

Let the transformation begin with this exciting artwork and inspirational message.

Sonya Shannon Celestial River Canvas Wrap

Let your creativity flow with this inspirational artwork and message.

Cross the Difficult Ocean Canvas Wrap by Sonya Shannon

[insert_php] insertMantraMultiViewModule("Cross-The-Difficult-Ocean"); [/insert_php] [insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertMantraPulldownButton(""Cross the Difficult Ocean" Canvas Mantra", "CDOCM", "23"); [/insert_php] Connect With The Angel of Love Invite love into your life with this heart-opening artwork of an angel carrying a young woman across the tumultuous world ocean. Wrapped around the edge is a prayer [...]

[insert_php] insertMantraMultiViewModule("I-Surrender"); [/insert_php] [insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertMantraPulldownButton(""I Surrender" Canvas Mantra", "ISCM", "23"); [/insert_php] Surrender to Divine Guidance Remind yourself of who is in control! This artwork helps us remember to let ourselves fall softly back into Divine hands. Give up the struggle and surrender to where your soul wants [...]

Sonya Shannon Infinite Bliss Canvas Wrap

Each of us can wear the dress made of stars! With an inspirational message written around the edge.

Sonya Shannon And Everything Emptying Into White Canvas Wrap

Bring beauty and purity into your life with a message from the peacock.

[insert_php] insertMantraMultiViewModule("Let-It-Go"); [/insert_php] [insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertMantraPulldownButton(""Let It Go" Canvas Mantra", "LGCM", "23"); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertBlurb("LG"); [/insert_php] Mantra Around Canvas Edge God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference. Let go, let [...]

Sonya Shannon One Way to Pleiades Canvas Wrap

Drift up to heaven with the "Seven Sisters".

Sonya Shannon Patchwork Earth Canvas Wrap

Embrace the mystic wonders of the world with this inspirational artwork and message.

Sonya Shannon Prairie Ocean Canvas Wrap

A metaphysical study of the wind with an inspirational message around the edge.

[insert_php] insertMantraMultiViewModule("Prayer-Therapy"); [/insert_php] [insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertMantraPulldownButton(""Prayer Therapy" Canvas Mantra", "PTCM", "23"); [/insert_php] Connect to the Light Activate your connection to Divine Light with this artwork of a young woman in prayer. To overcome old wounds, we can marry our Highest Self through the cleansing light of prayer. The [...]

Sonya Shannon The Narrow Gate Canvas Wrap

[insert_php] insertMantraMultiViewModule("The-Narrow-Gate"); [/insert_php] [insert_php] global $post; $postID = $post->ID; insertPostTurner($postID); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertCanvasPulldownButtonTNG(""The Narrow Gate" Canvas Mantra", "NGCM", "28" x 14"", "222.00", "36" x 18"", "444.00", "44"x 22"", "555.00", "60" x 30"", "777.00"); [/insert_php] [insert_php] insertBlurb("NG"); [/insert_php] Mantra Around Canvas Edge Let it all go. Simply drop whatever baggage you’ve been holding, emotional or physical. [...]

Sonya Shannon Walking Coyote Canvas Wrap

A Native American message of tolerance and compassion.