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Prairie Ocean Website

Sonya Shannon’s visionary artwork, licensed for use on a website.

About Licensing Sonya Shannon’s Artwork

If you are creating a book cover, web banner, or ad campaign, you can license one of Sonya Shannon’s artworks to help express your content.


We offer affordable non-exclusive licensing for most of Sonya Shannon’s works of art.


Simply describe your project and how you intend to use the artwork, and we’ll send you the information on the appropriate license. Please include the area of distribution, length of time, and manner in which you want to use the art.


If it helps us understand your intentions, please include a sketch (napkin sketches are welcome!).


Click here to inquire about licensing Sonya Shannon’s artwork for your project. Under Subject, please select “Licensing Inquiry.”


Copyright Information

All artwork is copyrighted ©2016 Sonya Shannon Visionary Art. A digital copyright is embedded in each file and can be searched. Social media sharing is permitted, provided the Sonya Shannon logo and website link are clearly visible. Any commercial reproduction without written permission will likely result in legal action.

The Narrow Gate Licensing Example

Sonya Shannon’s artwork, licensed to promote a book online.