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Artist Statement

Artemis work in progress

Artist Statement

A Cinematic Approach to Visionary Art

My background is in special effects. I use feature film techniques to create mystical art that acts as a portal to awaken and heighten your spiritual perception.


First, I photograph local and international dancers, actors, and models. Next — just like we do in cinema — I remove the background and add many layers of hand-painted or reference photography to create a metaphysical realm, complete with lighting and environment.


My work has up to one hundred layers, eighty percent of which are hand-painted. It all starts with a vision, and my spirit guides “speak” to me throughout the entire creation process.


When you buy a Sonya Shannon canvas, wood plaque, or matted print, you are investing in your spiritual health. My artwork brings a mystic vision into your home or workspace. This energy will work on you and others for as long as you have the artwork.


Where is the Original?

In the past, artwork was valued in one of two ways: either you owned the “original” that only you could see, or the community “owned” the artwork through the church. “Original” art was exclusively for the wealthy aristocrats and was not necessarily of a spiritual nature.


Since my artwork comes from the Spirit Realm and is meant for all people — not only the wealthy! — I make it available to you in beautiful, affordable prints.


There is no “original” because I create the artwork in the ethers of the digital realm — just as we do in today’s feature film.


Each visionary art print is carefully supervised for supreme color and detail. I believe the experience of art should be democratic – and I offer everything from greeting cards, through posters, all the way up to prints that are over eight feet wide — making sure that each and every one who is drawn to the message can afford their own copy.