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Your Chakras: A Spiritual Anatomy Intensive Workshop

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Date(s) - 03/29/2019 - 03/30/2019
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Spiritual Anatomy: Chakras Title

with Sonya Shannon

Your Chakras

Your Chakras are a dynamic, flowing part of the subtle anatomy of your Aura. The Chakras swirl in a cascading stream that connects the Divine, eternal part of you (your deathless soul) with the earthly, finite part of you (your physical body, mind, and emotions).

Chakras help us understand the way energy is processed in our lives, affecting our perceptions, feelings and choices. They affect the flow and types of thoughts we have, the energies we gather to take action on those thoughts, and ultimately our ability to manifest what we desire and need in our lives.

You can think of Chakras as metaphysical energy wheels that drive the vehicle of your life. Your subtle energy body, including your Aura and Chakras, interpenetrates your physical body. Each chakra is located near the major nerve ganglia that branch out from the spinal column. Your Chakras wax and wane in a dynamically flowing vortex field around your nervous system. These constantly spinning centers govern our behavior, moods, and consciousness. Chakras are never static, but their energies can become bogged down for several reasons, causing various consequences in what we can manifest in life. Depending on the health and balance of our chakra system, we experience promoting or demoting effects in our emotional, mental, and physical states, and in our relationships, beliefs, behaviors and actions in the world.

In this weekend intensive, we will how to evaluate and identify:

  • closed and under-active chakras
  • overactive and underdeveloped chakras
  • the flow of energy up from the earth and down from the ethers

Through colors, sounds, meditations, exercises and breath work, we will learn techniques to balance, align, and consciously improve the flow of energy through our chakras. The goal of this workshop is to help us awaken to a higher level of fulfillment, happiness, truth, radiance and self-expression through deeper understanding, awareness, and tools to regulate our metaphysical chakra system.


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