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Meet the “Frost Faerie”

Frost Faerie

Delight the special people on your list
with this enchanting Holiday Card!

Are you the kind of person who searches for the perfect Christmas card to say everything that’s in your heart? Well, look no further!


Your family and friends will want to frame this lovely image as a decoration in years to come – an ideal gift!

Don’t stress this holiday.   Simply throw in a gift card from any vendor and your shopping is complete.


“Frost Faerie”
Box of 12 glitter cards & gold foil envelopes

Box of Cards   $44.95


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Frost Faerie Product Shot


The Story Behind the Art

How does frost make such amazing patterns on windows? While we sleep, the Frost Faerie plays all night with her magic paintbrush!

The Making of “Frost Faerie”

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Canvas Prints, Metal Prints, Phone Cases & More

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Product Specifications

BLANK INSIDE with this Holiday Blessing on the back:

May you be safe and warm, may your pantry always be full, and may love and merriment surround you and your loved ones this holiday season. May great blessings flow to you from all directions, and may your dearest prayers be answered. May health, happiness, and abundance be yours this happy day, and throughout the coming year.


Finest quality 5″ x 7″ (A7) greeting card. Glossy finish outside; matte finish inside for smooth writing in pen or pencil. Printed in the USA with hand-crafted glitter.

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