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Readings with Sonya – NG

Sonya Shannon Clairvoyant

Spiritual Guidance for Your Life

Do you have questions about where your life is headed, if you are on the path toward your destiny, or how a certain relationship impacts your life? If so, you may find peace of mind through a transformational reading with me. I use empathic sensitivity, visionary perception and metaphysical knowledge to tap into symbolism in the cards that bridges between you and the spiritual realm. During the reading we’ll draw upon and include your own subconscious knowledge, the larger collective unconscious, angelic guidance, and other powerful energies all around us.

I can help you open to a higher part of yourself that can look at your life from different angles and even different realms. I read card spreads from my Transformation Oracle, and use the channeled content to communicate about the forces at work in your situation. These messages include practical suggestions for your career, relationships, spiritual path, and health—and give you empowering insights about what you can do—and what or whom you may want to avoid.

It is my heartfelt desire to help you move towards the Light, increase the flow of love, prosperity, and wellbeing in your life, and find the serenity, spiritual growth, and fulfillment you seek.

Pre-Pay for Your Session

One Hour Reading   $108.00

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