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Greeting Cards

Celebrate! Break down the old to make way for the new.

Celestial River Greeting Card

A message of creativity, play & exploration - perfect for birthdays.

Cross the Difficult Ocean Greeting Card

Express your love and renew your commitment!

Uplifts & promote self-confidence in a birthday girl or bride.

Let go of “baggage.” Sublime lightness of being is your birthright.

Encouragement, self-esteem and manifestation.

Celebrate friendships on life's journey together.

Patchwork Earth Greeting Card

Perfect for creatives who knit or crochet...and a great way to celebrate life on our abundant planet!

Winter birthdays, restful holidays.

Send a message of serenity, beauty, and acceptance of all moments in life.

Send condolences during grief, loss, illness, and life’s difficulties.

The Narrow Gate Greeting Card

Send a powerful image to drop life's burdens, simplify, and ascend.

Treasure Hunt Greeting Card by Sonya Shannon

Explore the depths of experience, where hidden treasures lie...Perfect for men & boys.

Celebrate the old and the new, the richness of heritage, and the beauty of personal identity.

Wherever I Go, There I Am Greeting Card

Perfect for birthdays, new home, new job or “Bon Voyage."