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Burning Down the House by Sonya Shannon

The Renovation Card
Fiery destruction clears the way for something new.

Dream Journal by Sonya Shannon

Sex—But Not The Way You Think Maybe you glanced at this artwork and reacted, as though to a Victoria’s Secret ad. Lots of people do. Yet “Dream Journal”—besides being my most misunderstood artwork—just may be my most spiritual.   Sometimes it’s perception-altering to know what the artist was actually intending. I prefer “Dream Journal” to [...]

Frost Faerie by Sonya Shannon

Find out the secret ingredients!
Here is the recipe for making a “Frost Faerie.”

The Immigration Card
Our complex identities help us tolerate others.

Work In Progress for Walking Coyote

Learn how to create a digital art masterpiece, starting with your photos. This 3-day workshop explores a cinematic approach to digital art using Photoshop.

Dance to Transform by Fire Inspire yourself with this painting of a sprite’s fiery dance over ancient ruins. The fire circle’s power destroys the old and creates the new. This artwork ignites a passion for making changes—and energizes you into action! Mantra Around Canvas Edge Dance to destroy the wreckage of things no longer needed. [...]

Defying The Odds by Sonya Shannon

After five years restricted to a single pencil, I saw everything.

Polygon Queen by Sonya Shannon

You are chased and running in the virtual world, to die, to be reborn. Infinitely.

One Way to Pleiades by Sonya Shannon

The Seven Sisters constellation, viewed from somewhere around Earth.

Prayer of Thanks by Sonya Shannon

A thank you music video, featuring Pilgrim & Native American girls.

Prayer Therapy by Sonya Shannon

Feeling angry, confused, afraid, or sorry for yourself?
Here is a quick way out.