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Healing & Spiritual Work

Spiritual Background

Sonya Shannon officiating a wedding.

Sonya Shannon as a wedding officiant in her role as a ULC Minister.

From her earliest remembrances, Sonya was connected to the metaphysical realm. After a profound Vision when she was eleven years old, she knew she must follow a higher purpose as an artist to fulfill her life’s destiny. She began creating metaphysically inspired artwork and channeling spiritual information at the age of fifteen. By nineteen, she was an avid I-Ching reader and ran a reading service called “Galadriel’s Mirror” in New York in the 1990s.


In the late ’90s Sonya began studying kundalini yoga and meditation, including celestial communication which combines chanted mantra and graceful, dance-like arm movements. Yogi Bhajan named her Ad Sach Kaur, which means “Princess Who is True Since Before The Beginning of Time.”


Since the mid-nineties, Sonya has worked with survivors of childhood abuse. She has a passion to help people overcome childhood wounds that, left unhealed, have lifelong damaging effects. She believes we are entitled to our divine birthright of personal empowerment, self-fulfillment, and celestial guidance so we can live full, rewarding, healthy lives where each of us can be of service to others.


Between late April and early August, 2014, Sonya channeled 40 of the 44 pieces of artwork and all of the messages in the “Transformation Oracle.” She is currently working on a graphic novel about childhood abuse.


Sonya is blessed by the love and devotion of her husband Timothy Binkley, her creative parents, three extraordinary sisters, a brilliant step-daughter and two talented grandchildren, and a loving and inspiring community of extended family and friends around the world. She and Tim live in Colorado Springs, CO.


Sonya Shannon kissed by wolf

Sonya Shannon kissed by a young wolf in Manitou Springs, Colorado.