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Greeting Cards

Celebrate! Break down the old to make way for the new.

Celestial River Greeting Card

A message of creativity, play & exploration – perfect for birthdays.

Cross the Difficult Ocean Greeting Card

Express your love and renew your commitment!

Uplifts & promote self-confidence in a birthday girl or bride.

Into White Greeting Card

Share the secret of the peacock’s true splendor! Suitable for birthdays, encouragement, and all occasions. Blank Inside, With This Message On Back: A woman embraces earth with compassion and nurturance. The peacock eats a venomous snake—and teaches us a lesson in purification. The peacock’s spectacular color comes from what it eats, including toxic insects, frogs, [...]

Let go of “baggage.” Sublime lightness of being is your birthright.

Celebrate friendships on life’s journey together.

Patchwork Earth Greeting Card

Perfect for creatives who knit or crochet…and a great way to celebrate life on our abundant planet!

Prairie Ocean Greeting Card

Send a message of serenity, beauty, and acceptance of all moments in life.

Rose Quartz Crystal Angel Greeting Card

Divine, compassionate love for everyone. Suitable for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and all occasions. Blank Inside, With This Message On Back: “Rose Quartz Crystal Angel” The truest love is unconditional, gentle, forgiving and eternal. With her crown of sweetest roses, her open heart and healing hands, the Rose Quartz Angel gives you the love you seek [...]

The Narrow Gate Greeting Card

Send a powerful image to drop life’s burdens, simplify, and ascend.

Celebrate the old and the new, the richness of heritage, and the beauty of personal identity.

What I Know Now Greeting Card

Send empowerment for what we truly know! All-occasion greeting card uplifts and encourages young and old. Blank Inside, With This Message On Back: “What I Know Now” A Queen sits on her horse. She raises the sword of Truth to the skies, cutting away ignorance and evil. The heavens open in response and she is [...]

Wherever I Go, There I Am Greeting Card

Perfect for birthdays, new home, new job or “Bon Voyage.”