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Greeting Cards

Sonya Shannon Burning Down the House Canvas Wrap

Let the transformation begin with this exciting artwork and inspirational message.

Celebrate! Break down the old to make way for the new.

Celestial River Greeting Card

A message of creativity, play & exploration – perfect for birthdays.

Sonya Shannon Celestial River Canvas Wrap

Let your creativity flow with this inspirational artwork and message.

"Celestine Crystal Angel" Canvas Mantra by Sonya Shannon

Celestial Communication This glorious Earth Angel vibrates the frequency of pale blue light to invoke higher wisdom and understanding. Celestine is the crystal of communication with the heavenly beings and bodies. The arm dance is a meditative way to connect with celestial energies. A mantra for healers and light-workers of the angelic realm wraps around [...]

Cross the Difficult Ocean Canvas Wrap by Sonya Shannon

Connect With The Angel of Love Invite love into your life with this heart-opening artwork of an angel carrying a young woman across the tumultuous world ocean. Wrapped around the edge is a prayer for Divine love and protection. Mantra Around Canvas Edge Sweet Angel of Love, please carry me Home, safe in your arms [...]

Cross the Difficult Ocean Greeting Card

Express your love and renew your commitment!

"Crystal Dreams" Canvas Mantra by Sonya Shannon

Gems and Minerals This artwork celebrates the Earth Angel energies of 18 much-loved crystals. A mystical woman glows in the bliss of receiving messages from the stones. Each crystal’s name is arranged in a color circle around the canvas edge. Perfect for gem hounds, crystal collectors, and all who love Nature’s miraculous minerals. Mantra Around [...]

Frost Faerie Christmas Angel Greeting Card

"Frost Faerie" – With This Message On Back: How does frost make such amazing patterns on windows? While we sleep, the Frost Faerie plays all night with her magic paintbrush! Enjoy the splendor of winter, inside and out! May you be safe and warm, may your pantry always be full, and may love, happiness, and [...]

[/insert_php] Surrender to Divine Guidance Remind yourself of who is in control! This artwork helps us remember to let ourselves fall softly back into Divine hands. Give up the struggle and surrender to where your soul wants to go! This artwork features the Third Step Prayer written around the canvas edge. Mantra Around Canvas Edge [...]

Sonya Shannon Infinite Bliss Canvas Wrap

Each of us can wear the dress made of stars! With an inspirational message written around the edge.

Uplifts & promote self-confidence in a birthday girl or bride.

Sonya Shannon And Everything Emptying Into White Canvas Wrap

Bring beauty and purity into your life with a message from the peacock.

Into White Greeting Card

Share the secret of the peacock’s true splendor! Suitable for birthdays, encouragement, and all occasions. Blank Inside, With This Message On Back: A woman embraces earth with compassion and nurturance. The peacock eats a venomous snake—and teaches us a lesson in purification. The peacock’s spectacular color comes from what it eats, including toxic insects, frogs, [...]

Mantra Around Canvas Edge God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference. Let go, let God.

Let go of “baggage.” Sublime lightness of being is your birthright.

Encouragement, self-esteem and manifestation.

Sonya Shannon One Way to Pleiades Canvas Wrap

Drift up to heaven with the “Seven Sisters”.

Celebrate friendships on life’s journey together.

Sonya Shannon Patchwork Earth Canvas Wrap

Embrace the mystic wonders of the world with this inspirational artwork and message.

Patchwork Earth Greeting Card

Perfect for creatives who knit or crochet…and a great way to celebrate life on our abundant planet!

Winter birthdays, restful holidays.

Sonya Shannon Prairie Ocean Canvas Wrap

A metaphysical study of the wind with an inspirational message around the edge.

Prairie Ocean Greeting Card

Send a message of serenity, beauty, and acceptance of all moments in life.

Connect to the Light Activate your connection to Divine Light with this artwork of a young woman in prayer. To overcome old wounds, we can marry our Highest Self through the cleansing light of prayer. The outer edge of the canvas features amethyst crystals and the “Coyote Girl” prayer from Sonya Shannon’s graphic novel, “The [...]

Send condolences during grief, loss, illness, and life’s difficulties.

"Rainbow Shaman" Canvas Mantra by Sonya Shannon

Infinite Possibilities The Rainbow Shaman generates a vortex of new opportunities and openings in life. The rainbow represents the full spectrum, without limitation. This radiant canvas brings healing energy and beauty to your space, along with newness, acceptance, self-love, and transformation. Mantra Around Canvas Edge Enter the Rainbow dimension where all things are possible. The [...]

"Rising Angel" Canvas Mantra by Sonya Shannon

Empowerment Standing in your truth is like stepping out of time into eternity. A beautiful angel rises up with dignity and grace in the eyes of the Divine. This painting celebrates true ascension. Her angelic connection with divine love is permanent and lasting, as the rainbow-colored mantra reinforces around the canvas edge. Mantra Around Canvas [...]

Rose Quartz Crystal Angel Greeting Card

Divine, compassionate love for everyone. Suitable for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and all occasions. Blank Inside, With This Message On Back: “Rose Quartz Crystal Angel” The truest love is unconditional, gentle, forgiving and eternal. With her crown of sweetest roses, her open heart and healing hands, the Rose Quartz Angel gives you the love you seek [...]

"StarWalker" Canvas Mantra by Sonya Shannon

Astral Travel The StarWalker leaves his body asleep and moves freely through the Universe. Mantra Around Canvas Edge StarWalker, how will you find your way back home to this Earth after probing the infinite mysteries of your soul’s journey through SpaceTime?

Sonya Shannon The Narrow Gate Canvas Wrap

Mantra Around Canvas Edge Let it all go. Simply drop whatever baggage you’ve been holding, emotional or physical. Release your grip & enter into the Realm of your exalted Divine purpose. Be free! Fly through the rainbow portal into the Light. Let it all go. Simply drop whatever baggage you’ve been holding, be it material, [...]

The Narrow Gate Greeting Card

Send a powerful image to drop life’s burdens, simplify, and ascend.

Treasure Hunt Greeting Card by Sonya Shannon

Explore the depths of experience, where hidden treasures lie…Perfect for men & boys.

Sonya Shannon Walking Coyote Canvas Wrap

A Native American message of tolerance and compassion.

Celebrate the old and the new, the richness of heritage, and the beauty of personal identity.

What I Know Now Greeting Card

Send empowerment for what we truly know! All-occasion greeting card uplifts and encourages young and old. Blank Inside, With This Message On Back: “What I Know Now” A Queen sits on her horse. She raises the sword of Truth to the skies, cutting away ignorance and evil. The heavens open in response and she is [...]

Wherever I Go, There I Am Greeting Card

Perfect for birthdays, new home, new job or “Bon Voyage.”

"Who Goes There" Canvas Mantra by Sonya Shannon

The Mystical River Styx What happens after our soul leaves its body? Mantra Around Canvas Edge Who goes there?

Workshop Santa Holiday Greeting Card

"Workshop Santa" – With This Message On Back: The big day approaches… Santa puts the final touches on toy sailboats. The fire roars in the old wood stove, the kettle steams, and the Christmas tree is alight and glowing. With his twinkling smile and clever hands, Santa infuses merriment and happiness into each gift he [...]

Burning Down the House by Sonya Shannon

The Renovation Card
Fiery destruction clears the way for something new.

Frost Faerie by Sonya Shannon

Find out the secret ingredients!
Here is the recipe for making a “Frost Faerie.”

The Immigration Card
Our complex identities help us tolerate others.

Work In Progress for Walking Coyote

Learn how to create a digital art masterpiece, starting with your photos. This 3-day workshop explores a cinematic approach to digital art using Photoshop.

Elisa Malangone

Arvada, CO
Spiritual Medium.
Psychic readings and connections with spirits.

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For Heaven's Sake New Age Metaphysical Gifts, Books & Event Center

For Heaven’s Sake New Age Metaphysical Gifts, Books & Event Center

Full Moon Books and Event Center Logo

Lakewood, CO
Metaphysical bookstore & coffeehouse.
Books, tarot supplies, costumes & events.

Heart of the Dragon Paonia

Paonia, CO
Metaphysical store.
Handmade dragons, hatchlings, oils, candles, incense & statuary.

Defying The Odds by Sonya Shannon

After five years restricted to a single pencil, I saw everything.

Polygon Queen by Sonya Shannon

You are chased and running in the virtual world, to die, to be reborn. Infinitely.

One Way to Pleiades by Sonya Shannon

The Seven Sisters constellation, viewed from somewhere around Earth.

Prayer of Thanks by Sonya Shannon

A thank you music video, featuring Pilgrim & Native American girls.

Prayer Therapy by Sonya Shannon

Feeling angry, confused, afraid, or sorry for yourself?
Here is a quick way out.

The Crystal Wizard Oregon

Gleneden Beach, OR
Unique shop in a beautiful location.
Books, music, crystals, gifts, and readings.

Mile Hi Church Logo - Works of Heart Book Store

Lakewood, CO
New Age bookshop in Mile Hi Church.
Self-help & spiritual books, gifts & music.