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Transformation Oracle Workshop | Online

Download the FLYER (includes course schedule)

One Oracle. Three fabulous days!

Immerse Yourself in the Oracle’s Divine Guidance

This 3-part intensive workshop takes you deeply into a journey of metaphysical growth through the Transformation Oracle card deck.


  1. Learn the Elements and Basic Spreads
  2. Read Card Symbols & Meanings
  3. Master Advanced Spreads & Techniques

Skills You Will Learn

  • Ten Spreads
  • Eight Phases of Transformation
  • Four Elements
  • Sacred Geometry in the Cards
  • Animal, Mythological & Alchemical Symbols
  • How to Clear & Reset Your Deck
  • Steps to Hone Your Psychic Abilities
  • About Your Own Transformation Journey


You will receive a complete set of illustrated notes.
The Transformation Oracle Deck is sold separately.

Please bring your own deck, or you can buy one at the start of class.


Who Should Attend

Beginners, intermediates & experts welcome.
Required for all CERTIFIED READER candidates.

Note: This workshop attracts LIGHTWORKERS. Join us!


Praise for Sonya’s Workshops

Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
"Thank you Sonya Shannon for a fantastic workshop, I loved every minute of it. I am looking forward to applying what I have learned to bring awareness and love to people who are seeking answers. Your Transformation Oracle cards are an answer to prayer to heal and seek wisdom for those looking for the truth. Thank you to each class member, your energy and love came as a blessing and I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to meet you."
Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
"A lot of classes have come my way and each time I’m ready to pay for a class, I changed my mind (it didn’t FEEL right). However, there was no hesitation for your class. The moment I walked into the classroom, I felt that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Your energy, soul and precise information was a breath of fresh air. I learned so much from you and the others in the class. My journey of awakening has been quite incredible! Everyday, spirit is helping me stay on my path to heal and help others."
Transformation Oracle Official Certification Course
Instructor Sonya Shannon

Sonya Shannon is an artist, author and teacher in the metaphysical realm. A mystic vision at age 11 revealed her higher purpose. At 15, she began to create divinely inspired artwork and to channel spiritual messages. Her journey led to Kundalini yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She is passionate about using her gifts to help people overcome childhood wounds, and believes that all are entitled to our birthright of empowerment, self-fulfillment, and connection to the Divine.


Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
"I got more out of one of Sonya's 3 hour-workshops than I did with the whole Angel Card Practitioner series."
Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
"I went into Sonya's Transformation Oracle workshop as a total beginner. I was a little apprehensive about walking through the door, yet the cards and the class kept calling to me! I'm so glad I went. Sonya conveyed the information needed to get started beautifully, and I left feeling empowered that not only did I have a good feel for what I was doing, but that my gut instincts could be trusted as well. Thank you!"
Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
"The workshops were packed full of information, beautifully presented, and encouraged interaction. Hearing a variety of perspectives and interpretations from all the participants allowed me to expand my understanding of both the cards and the layouts."
Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
"I realized during the Transformation Oracle Workshops that the breadth and depth of the symbolism used in creating each and every card is amazing. Each time I looked at a card, something new would jump out to me. The sacred geometry, the role the I Ching played, the use of elements, the Light and models all interact to give me, as a reader, a full and complete message for my clients. I can’t imagine ever using another deck…"

Download the FLYER (includes course schedule).